Wings & Sails

Wings & Sails in Film Festivals!

Wings & Sails showed in the Ashland 2nd Annual Women’s Film Festival, Saturday March 9, 2019.
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Wings and Sales Film Festival Poster


Chris interviewing Russell Beebe

Christopher Brown (right) with Russell Bebee

Underneath the wings and sails of an outrageous structure, comes the knowledge that sustainability is essential for the future of our life on this we know it now. We have to be creative and embrace new ideas and solution for ours and our children’s existence.


Wings & Sales is a character-driven story about a young architect who designed an innovative pavilion on the Southern Oregon University campus. Christopher Brown followed the permaculture guidelines that insures the structure will be harmoniously integrated into a landscape and will not harm but help elements needed for a sustainable ecosystem. The film takes the viewer through an array of events that threaten the project.

The Farm where the pavilion is located is a student-led agricultural and learning center at Southern Oregon University. It will also provide additional space for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Ashland Chamber Music Concerts, and nearby schools.

In late April, the ground is covered with “samaras” the winged seeds of sycamore and maple trees. The pavilion architects modeled the stunning wing structure by observing samara seeds.

Creating Wings & Sails

Kathryn and Barry Thalden

Kathryn and Barry Thalden, donated the funds to SOU for the design and construction for the Thalden Pavilion. (Kathryn is in red and Barry is the man next to her.)

Barry said this about philanthropy:  “We are going to be ok if each of us helps all of us. Philanthropy is about recognition and awareness that each of us is here for a divine purposed… that divine purpose is to spend our time sharing our talents, passion and commitments to make this world a better place.”

Christopher delivering a Presentation at SOU RVCC

Christopher delivering a Presentation at SOU RVCC

Ojibway Story Plank

Ojibway Story Plank

Ojibway Story Plank

Ojibway Story Plank

Winged Samara

Winged Samara being moved into place

Four Elements

Four Elements (no large photo available)

Unfinished Pavillon

Unfinished Pavillon

Finished Pavillion

Finished Pavillon